344 Design

Stefan G. Bucher / Photo by Bruce Heavin Stefan G. Bucher / Photo by Bruce Heavin
Photo by Bruce Heavin

Stefan G. Bucher is the creative director of 344 Design.
[Shte‑fawn Boo‑ker. The G is silent.]

Originally from Germany, Stefan came to California to study at Art Center College of Design. Following his graduation, he was recruited to work as an art director on the Microsoft account at the prestigious ad agency Wieden + Kennedy. From there he was lured back to Los Angeles to head 344 Design, which has been his creative home ever since.

Stefan is a believer in narrative design and its power to connect people. Both in his professional and personal work he has made it his mission to create work that allows the audience to transcend their expectations—to let them recognize the abundance of beauty and humor in the world around us. Born on Earth, he has been an American citizen since 2009.

Should you so choose, you can watch a documentary on Stefan and his work at LinkedIn Learning.