344 Design began collaborating with art gallery L.A. Louver in 2005, designing and producing a technically and creatively complex catalog for their Rogue Wave show of emerging artists. That piece launched a partnership that continues to this day and encompasses all aspects of the gallery’s visual presentation—from printed catalogs and exhibition graphics to event collateral and animations for social media outreach.

Maintaining an established brand

Founded in Los Angeles in 1975 by gallerist Peter Goulds, L.A. Louver is one of the world’s premier art galleries, representing blue chip artists such as David Hockney, Deborah Butterfield, Kienholz, and Alison Saar, and rising stars such as Rebecca Campbell, Gajin Fujita and Ben Jackel.

344 Design Work Sample: L.A. Louver catalog for the
344 Design Work Samples: L.A. Louver catalogs for William Brice & Gajin Fujita

By the time 344 entered the picture L.A. Louver had a well established brand based on their work with another major design studio. As that partnership had come to a close, they were looking to refresh their visual presentation, but not for wholesale reinvention. While the Rogue Wave catalog represented a significant aesthetic leap, it was still solidly integrated into the existing brand language. Since then, our work with the gallery has focused on maintaining that language from show to show, while evolving it from year to year to keep things fresh both for the audience and for the L.A. Louver team.

344 Design Work Sample: L.A. Louver catalogs for Deborah Butterfield, Kienholz & Juan Uslé

Honoring Artists And Engaging Collectors

L.A. Louver produces materials that serve to inform and educate their audience, to stimulate curiosity and interest, as well as to reflect particular high moments in an artist’s career. L.A. Louver are thrilled to share their confidence in their artists, and aim to instill the same in collectors and institutions. Their visuals need to represent this enthusiasm across the full range of applications and over time.

The challenges of long term collaboration are different from those involved in a one-off assignment. It’s more about carefully evolving the brand than it is about flashy standalone executions. More than anything, it is about creating a partnership that continues to produce effective work in a way that’s consistently delightful for all involved.

Maintaining A Respected Brand

Over the past 13 years we have produced 12 catalogs for L.A. Louver—including award-winning books for David Hockney, Deborah Butterfield, Juan Uslé, and Gajin Fujita—and have branded over 50 exhibits with printed and electronic collateral, as well as onsite graphics.

344 Design Work Sample: L.A. Louver announcement for a show by painter Gajin Fujita
344 Design Work Sample: L.A. Louver event announcement for a show by painter Rebecca Campbell
344 Design Work Sample: L.A. Louver announcement for a show by painter Sarah Mendelson Rubin

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